Research & Development

In the field of research our main direction are:

  • Research in Radiation Physics for UV - VIS - IR and X
  • Laser equipment
  • Night vision devices and thermo-vision equipment
  • Holographic and micro-optics & nano-optics technologies
  • False document inspection and biometric systems
  • Medical X-ray & therapy systems

Other areas of expertise and cooperation interests:

Laser Devices and Laser Equipment

  • Lasers for medical and special applications
  • Fibre lasers & Solid State Lasers
  • Laser radiation measuring and testing


  • 3D lenticular elements manufacturing technologies
  • OVDot elements for security purposes
  • High security holograms design and technologies (affiliation to IHMA)
  • Electron beam microlithography
  • Research and development of micro-technologies for micro-lenses and diffractive optical elements

Forensic equipment

  • Complex equipment for the analysis and detection of forgery in documents using optoelectronic technologies - micro-spectrometry, colorimetry and photometry
  • Biometric analysis: for eyes, faces and finger-prints.

Optical testing

  • UV-VIS-IR measurements (spectrometry, photometry, colorimetry, focimetry)
  • laser measurements (power, stability, beam shape, quality factor M2, polarization, lifetime etc.)
  • thermal camera measurements - commercial and military - (MRTD, FOV, SRF, MTF), thermal imaging
  • optical measurements (EFL, BFL, MTF, determine the optical curvature and aberration)
  • colorimetric measurements, smart glass, night vision service

X-Ray medical and veterinary imaging

  • Medical and industrial X-ray digital imaging

S.C. OPTOELECTRONICA 2001 S.A. has a strong participation in national research programs (The National Plan for Research, Technological Development and Innovation) and European programs like Phare, TTQM , EUREKA

Participation in European Commission Framework Program 6 & 7 include the folowing projects:

  • AEROTEST - remote Sensing Technique for aeroplanes engines emission Certification and Monitoring
  • Pracsens - Pratique industrielle des capteurs - Outils de Formation et Guide de choix d'un capteur industriel
  • DUET - Development of a Disposable Use Endoscopy Tool
  • PORPARDET - Portable Particle Detection Device
  • ERSEC - Enhanced Road Safety by integrating Egnos-Galileo data with on-board Control system
  • BRAVIS - Development of a Haptic Display and Vision System for the Blind
  • FORFIRE - System for highly reliable, cost effective, early detection and accurate localization of incipient forest fires


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