Our Mision

OPTOELECTRONICA 2001 S.A.'s goal is to promote excellence in research and development and most of all to satisfy the customer's necessities by providing quality certified products and services in optoelectronics.We had accumulated experience towards excellence through an equal chance employment policy of encouraging young specialists and preserving the "intelligence capital" of the company.

The medium and long term strategy of SC OPTOELECTRONICA - 2001 S. A. takes into account the following:

  • Improve it's market position in research, development and innovation in the optical field, through participation in national programs financed by the Structural EU Funds
  • Launch in the production (within it's own Production Dept.) of all the research results achieved directly, or in partnerships
  • Development of production capacity for the manufacture of optical equipment in order to diversify the offer , and to meet the requirements of international markets
  • Strengthening it's leadership position in the regional optoelectronic market, with applicability in the false documents and persons identification, and also in the manufacture of the security and protection elements for documents through microoptical technologies (holograms, reticles etc)
  • Increase in the customer satisfaction level by improving the quality and performance of products and services offered
  • Attracting partners, or investors to enter new international markets.

We are eager to open new research and development collaboration opportunities in Europe and anywhere in the world. With best wishes, Ph.D. Teodor Necsoiu, General Manager


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